Breaking News: Glance Pay Announces Entry Into Quick Serve Restaurant Market

Glance Technologies Inc. (CSE: GET.CN) (FKT:GJT) (OTCQB: GLNNF), already the leading mobile payment solution for full-service restaurants, is pleased to announce its entry into the quick serve restaurant market through a unique and exciting innovation to its Glance Pay platform, opening up another massive market for its payment technology.

Quick serve restaurants within Canada, and soon to be available across North America, can now take advantage of the Glance Pay mobile payment solution which incorporates lightning fast mobile payment, automatic rewards, a real-time customer feedback system, and multiple in-app targeted marketing solutions.

A very large and growing segment of the commercial food industry in North America, in 2015 quick-service restaurants generated sales of over $200 billion USD in the United States and over $26 billion CAD in Canada (sources: Franchise Help (source:;

Glance Pay’s mobile payment solution has seen fantastic adoption in bringing fast and convenient payment directly to a consumer smartphone. Quick-service restaurants are geared to continue rapid growth as more consumers show preference for convenient dining that is lighter on the wallet and offers a greater variety of dining options and cuisine.

About Glance Technologies Inc.

Glance Technologies owns and operates Glance Pay, a streamlined payment system that allows customers to pay their restaurant bill instantly with their mobile device and that combines in app messaging with social media marketing. Glance Pay revolutionizes how smartphone users choose where to dine, settle their restaurant bills, access their payment records and interact with their favourite restaurants. Glance Pay intends to become the industry standard as one of the four pillars in restaurant payments, beside credit cards, debit cards and cash. Glance is building a valuable network of restaurants and consumers, and offers targeted in app marketing, customer feedback, in restaurant messaging, custom rewards programs, search engine optimization and social media promotions and management for restaurants. For more information about Glance, please go to Glance Technology’s website.

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