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Cognitive computing like many IT terms is defined both by its technical
capability and applications and by marketing statements. From a
technical standpoint, cognitive computing is a system that uses machine
learning algorithms to continually increase its knowledge from the data
it receives. The learning aspect is characterized by the system
continuously refining patterns in the data as well as the way data is
processed. This learning allows cognitive computing systems to
anticipate new problems and model possible solutions in an adaptive and
iterative manner. The system also works within a context and can
identify and extract contextual elements such as meaning, syntax, time,
location, regulation, user profiles, tasks and goals.

Applications of cognitive computing are derived from data mining,
pattern recognition and natural language processing. These applications
automate manual processes or augment more basic computing processes. The
marketing definition of cognitive computing is to solve problems as well
as or better than humans without human assistance. However, cognitive
computing may best be applied as an enabler in a process that involves
both machines and humans rather than one replacing the other.

As with the field of artificial intelligence in general, cognitive
computing is now coming into practical application because of a
convergence of underlying technologies. These include high performance
processors and advanced algorithms, which combine to enable computing
systems to leverage machine learning, natural language processing and
expert systems to provide new value in dealing with consumer and
business applications.

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