Global Food Innovation Center set up by CSU and JBS USA

Colorado State University (CSU) has started construction on its JBS Global Food Innovation Center after a generous donation was given by JBS USA to the university. The facility, expected to cost around $15 million, will promote best practices in animal welfare and handling along with meat sciences and food safety. The money invested by JBS created a CSU-JBS strategic partnership presently estimated at around $12.5 billion. This includes a philanthropic contribution of $7.5 million. The latter fund was earmarked for the construction of JBS Global Food Innovation Center. Another $5 million is set aside exclusively for employee educational programs.

Money to good use

The new JBS facility will have areas exclusively for developing new products. New packaging can also be tested in the spanking new facility. This is important as the meat industry is undergoing a transformation, from only raw meat to ready-to-eat packaged foods. The new house will also have a demonstration area and a culinary kitchen. It will also have a retail meat section along with a cafe and dairy store. Students will also learn how to handle animals and manage the welfare of animals in a specially created educational space. The latter was designed by Temple Grandin, a CSU professor.

The center will honor Gary Smith, the institute's professor emeritus and Kay, his late wife. The new building will be named after them. It will house Montfort Chair, one of the oldest endowed chairs in the CSU. Professor Smith spent about 20 years holding the professorial post in the animal sciences department of the CSU.

Better research and employment

This advanced facility will greatly enhance CSU research and teaching in the meat sciences. It will also provide a space for collaboration with industry. It will be made possible via equipment development and continuous training and educational practices. Adequate space will be provided for students to engage in constructive dialogue so that industry of animal agriculture is enriched. Students will enjoy a thorough understanding of meat process via a practical hands-on environment. This kind of educational environment is presently absent in any other CSU facility.

For both CSU and JBS, this partnership is a win-win situation for both of them. According to Ajit Menion of CSU College of Agricultural Sciences, this facility will help its students to have an enviable hands-on experience which will make them a natural for academia and the food industry. When it comes to JBS, it has made an excellent investment in future competitiveness of farming and food in Colorado and also across United States.

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