Global Politics Against the Forces of Terror

There is hardly anyone on the planet that is not affected by the change expected to take place in America. The Middle East has its fair share of politics that has impacted other parts of the world. With the ISIS gaining momentum by their skewed version of practically anything, countries are doing their best to ensure that they eliminate the enemy.

The leaders of this terrorist outfit believe in dying for their cause. They make no bones in letting people know that they are in it to eradicate ‘infidels’ and nations that subscribe to rational thinking and ideologies. Indiscriminately shooting at sight at people and removing any chance of hope seems to be their mantra.

The army has made its stance felt in Mosul ensuring that every house is looked into carefully. This has been quite a nuisance to the families that are not harboring any terrorist. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that there is no more innocent blood spilled. The city of Mosul is the place that was declared a caliphate by the leader of Isis.

The tough stance taken by the government in doing away with Islamic fundamentalism ensures that every single person whether Kurdish, Sunni Muslim or Shia has a fighting chance for survival. The problem, however, is that many innocent people have come in harm’s way and have faced the wrath of bullets maiming them or even killing them.

Terrorism has raised its ugly head over the years and seems to be here to stay, unfortunately. France has met with serious problems for a while now with gunmen having no fear about letting rip. An elderly Catholic priest, while performing Mass was killed and there has been no let up in the spate of terrorist activities.

In fact, many of the people joining the terrorist organization believe that they are doing the right thing. Girls and women face the brunt of atrocities inflicted by these so-called self-righteous guardians of Islamic virtue. With their intolerant brand of religion, they have called upon people to right the wrongs that they justify with their spiel.

As the days go by, with armies getting ready on a global footing, to face unwanted attacks by suicide bombers and the like, the world has become quite a scary place. Dialogue has always been the front-runner to understand the opposite point of view. Global politics today is relatively unified in the stance of doing away with terrorist forces. 

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