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The smart infrastructure vendor landscape is undergoing a period of
dramatic change. A market that for years was dominated by vendors
providing metering, smart grid infrastructure and communications to the
utility sector is now increasingly focused on broader smart cities
opportunities, analytics, and recurring revenue models.

This has created both opportunities and challenges for the leading smart
grid vendors that are simultaneously facing competition and partnership
opportunities from smart city-focused vendors, telecom operators,
software and analytics companies, low-cost Chinese hardware vendors, and
other new entrants.

Overall, while mergers and acquisitions have helped consolidate the
smart grid market, the number of vendors active in the larger overall
smart infrastructure and IoT markets only continues to grow as new
market segments develop and smart infrastructure spreads to all

This study takes a comprehensive look at the trends shaping the smart
infrastructure vendor landscape and how companies are positioning
themselves to succeed and grow. The study provides a snapshot of the
current market in terms of AMI and smart street lighting market shares
for 2017, but also crucially looks forward to the key trends that will
drive these markets forward in the coming decade.

This includes vendor descriptions, including active projects, main
product offerings, and partnerships for over 200 vendors active in smart
infrastructure projects across all regions of the world.

These vendors will compete for investment that will total over $530
billion in smart grid, smart water, and smart street lighting across 125
countries between 2018 and 2027.

Key questions answered in this study:

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1. Vendor growth trends

2. AMI and smart street lighting market share

3. Segment Overviews

4. Appendix

4.1 Smart infrastructure vendor descriptions

4.1.1 Smart metering vendors

4.1.2 Distribution automation vendors

4.1.3 Other smart grid segment vendors

4.1.4 Smart water vendors

4.1.5 Smart street lighting vendors

4.2 Methodology

4.3 List of abbreviations and companies covered

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