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GlossWire Awards Female-Founded Skincare Brand Base Butter $10,000 in its Inaugural Beauty Pitch Competition

GlossWire hosted its first-ever virtual pitch competition on March 18th, 2021. Nine finalists pitched in front of six influential leaders in media and beauty, moderated by Fashwire CEO and Founder Kimberly Carney, to win incredible cash prizes, global recognition and invaluable mentoring.

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GlossWire Awards Female-Founded Skincare Brand Base Butter $10,000 in its Inaugural Beauty Pitch Competition (Photo: Business Wire)

GlossWire Awards Female-Founded Skincare Brand Base Butter $10,000 in its Inaugural Beauty Pitch Competition (Photo: Business Wire)

The competition took place in two phases. The first took place in February, where GlossWire’s beauty brands applied and submitted videos pitching their brands. The field was narrowed to 10 top finalists and the brands were then given the chance to compete live at the virtual Global GlossPitch event March 18th, 2021.

“Our inaugural GlossPitch competition allowed us to shine a spotlight on our beauty brands and award them with funds to help support their growing businesses,” stated Kimberly Carney, Fashwire Founder and CEO. “In these very unusual times, innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than ever. These winners will help to drive growth as we begin to come out on the other side of this pandemic and its related economic decline in the retail industry.”

The second phase was the live competition, which was hosted virtually by Fashwire, where 9 of the finalists pitched one after the other to a live panel of six executives and influencers in the beauty and media industry including Chloe Hall, Digital Beauty Director for ELLE; Adam Glassman, Creative Director for Oprah; Susanah Zeffiro, Client Partner, Beauty for Spotify; Melissa Chataigne, TV Host and Beauty & Fashion expert; Karen Ballou, Founder and CEO of Immunocologie; and Kimberly Carney, Fashwire CEO and Founder.

“It was an honor to participate as a judge in the inaugural GlossPitch competition. I was extremely impressed and inspired by all of the female founders and loved hearing how their unique experiences shape the products they create,” stated Susanah Zeffiro, Client Partner, Beauty for Spotify. “I look forward to advising Base Butter on strategies to best utilize Spotify to grow brand affinity and sensorially connect with customers via Audio.”

The 1st place $10,000 USD prize was awarded to She’Neil Johnson-Spence and Nicolette Graves, Co-Founders of skincare brand Base Butter. Base Butter was born with a mission to help make skincare easy for oily and combination skin types.

“Being a part of GlossPitch was an amazing experience. My favorite part was seeing our Base Butter community show up and show out for us,” stated She’Neil Johnson-Spence, Co-Founder of Base Butter. “During this process I truly learned how to tell our brand story and value in a unique and cultivating way. Perfecting our pitch is something my co-founder and I have been working on for over a year and I truly felt confident when I got on the virtual GlossPitch stage. The Judges were amazing, and I am just so happy I could bring the grand prize home to our Base Butter team. The $10,000 will assist us in pushing our new product launches happening this year!”

The 2nd place $2,500 prize was awarded to Melissa Lis, Founder of skincare brand Jumby. Jumby is all about creating deeper connections with its organic aromatic wellness and lifestyle products. “Jumby is so grateful to GlossWire, Fashwire and to the panel of esteemed judges for supporting our brand,” stated Melissa Lis. “We are so grateful to you for this incredible opportunity. Congratulations to all of the finalists.”

The 3rd place $1,500 USD cash prize was awarded as a tie to Ginger King, Founder of clean vegan beauty brand FanLoveBeauty, and Scarlett Rocourt, Founder of haircare brand Wonder Curl and its mission to empower anyone with curly hair to wear their hair in its natural state with confidence.

“The GlossWire pitch competition allowed Indie Beauty Brand Founders an opportunity to express how our beauty brand differentiates from others and what impact we are making in the beauty industry precisely in two minutes in front of esteemed judges,” stated Ginger King, Founder of FanLoveBeauty. “Winning the award gives a tremendous emotional boost and a sense of community, which is important in the entrepreneurial journey as entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy yet not being appreciated too often. Thank you GlossWire for recognizing us with your generosity in time and money by putting together this competition.”

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