Google, An Unexpected Uber Competitor

In a surprising move, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is now competing against Uber. The giant tech company launched a new ride sharing service with a focus on carpooling. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the service will available to all Waze users in San Francisco, with plans to expand the service if it’s successful.

The service is slightly different than the one Uber Pool or Lyft Line provide, yet still Google’s service will hurt the competition. Goolge will not have a fleet of drivers always ready to pickup customers, but instead the goal of the service is to connect drivers with drivers that are already driving on the rout of the customer.

The way the service work – any Waze user in San Francisco can sign up as a driver, and for now potential riders are limited to employees of large technology companies, which is a little strange, but it is still somewhat in beta mode, so it’s understandable for now. Riders have a limit of a two a day.

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