Google announces Patent Agreement with Tencent

According to Reuters, Alphabet Inc’s Google has agreed to a patent licensing deal with Chinese internet giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd as it looks for potential ways to expand into China where most of Google’s products are blocked in.

Google has signed similar agreements with Samsung Electronics, but Tencent is the first with a large Chinese tech company. The agreement will allow Google to expand into China and Tencent to branch out from China globally.

Google has said that agreements like these reduce the potential of litigation over patent infringement.

The exact terms of the agreement has not been disclosed but Google has said that it is a long term partnership focused on different range of products and technologies.

Google withdrew most its services including its search engine from China back in 2010 due to censorship. Google is now trying to get back into China by combining with various different Chinese companies in the mainland. Google has partnered with small companies

Earlier in January, Google’s venture firm capital invested into Chinese living streaming company, Chushou. This was another investment for Google to slowly integrate itself back into mainland China.

Tencent owns many subsidiaries revolving around the internet such as its WeChat social messaging platform that has over one billion users. Tencent’s portfolio also includes major mobile and PC games and an app store service.

“By working together on agreements such as this, tech companies can focus on building better products and services for their users,” said Mike Lee, Google’s head of patents.

Google and Tencent did not disclose financial terms about the partnership.

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