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Google Cloud Reveals Strategy to Aid Telecommunications Companies Digitally Transform

Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google Cloud reported a new strategy to help Telecommunications digitally transform.  Google Cloud focused on monetizing 5G as a business services platform, improving operation efficiency on telecom core systems and engaging customers with data-driven experiences. 

“Rapid technology advancements are impacting the telecommunications industry, whether it’s the rise of 5G and network-centric business models or new connected devices and applications,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Many of these offer significant opportunities for business transformation, and that’s why we’re excited to collaborate with leading telecoms, partners, and customers to help transform the industry together and create better overall experiences for users around the world.”

The Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy will delivery a portfolio and marketplace of 5G solutions with telecommunications companies.  This open cloud platform will develop network-centric applications and provide a global distributed edge to deploy these solutions. 

Earlier this week, Google Cloud and AT&T, Inc. (NYSE: T) announced a collaboration to help enterprises utilize Google Cloud’s tech with AT&T network connectivity at the edge, this includes 5G.  “We’re working with Google Cloud to deliver the next generation of cloud services,” said Mo Katibeh, EVP and CMO, AT&T Business. “Combining 5G with Google Cloud’s edge compute technologies can unlock the cloud’s true potential. This work is bringing us closer to a reality where cloud and edge technologies give businesses the tools to create a whole new world of experiences for their customers.”

“The collaboration with Google Cloud has been invaluable for our business as we use data to become more customer-centric,” said Simon Harris, Group Head of Big Data Delivery at Vodafone. “Not only are we able to gain analytics capabilities across Vodafone products and services, but also we arrive at insights faster, which can then be used to offer more personalized product offerings to customers and to raise the bar on service.”

“We’re leveraging Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities to deliver customized marketing campaigns, real-time personalization, and talent acquisition for our customers,” said Robert Visser, CIO at Wind Tre, an Italian telecom operator with more than 30 million mobile customers.