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Google I/O Conference Recap

 Android, Google, Active, Wear, Android AutoGoogle Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) hosted its annual developer’s conference on Wednesday and has revealed its plans for the Android One, Android Wear, L, Android Auto and Android TV

Android One

More than 75% of all smartphones in the global market currently uses Google Inc’s free Android platform. Since 2010, 30-day active users of android have increased from 77 million to over 1 billion as of June 2014.

In regards to tablets, Android tablet global market share has increased from 39% in 2012 to 62% in 2014.

However, Google is looking to expand into emerging markets by providing them with Android One. Android One includes features emerging market users would need such as dual sim, and for an expected cost of less than $100 USD.


The new android platform L successor of the KitKat platform is expected to have improved material design. Some features will include shadowing that will allow pages to have depth, as well as animated touch feedback, and seamless transitions.

In addition, the lock-screen now includes a full list of notifications allowing users to dismiss them or go into the app. While utilizing an app, calls and other interruptions no longer move out of the app, but pop up and allow you to dismiss if you needed.

L comes with battery historian, allowing you to find all usages of the battery and fix any unnecessary usages. The new battery saver slows down tasks and saves battery while allowing you to use it if necessary. Security has also been upgraded on L.

Android Wear

Google is expanding into the watch industry, allowing watches to run the android system by displaying notifications most important to the user. Users will also feel vibrations through the watch when notifications are received. While using the watch users can swipe up and down through notifications, sideways to get more details, and to the right to remove the notification from both the watch and the phone.

Phone calls received through the phone allow you to reject it and/or send a quick text like “I’m busy right now I’ll call you back later.” The watch will also use android’s voice system, allowing you to do tasks through voice such as saving notes, setting alarms, googling a question, or playing music, all through the watch.

Android Wear can also work as a pedometer as well as check one’s heart rate and is also water resistant. Android phones also transfer data to the watch allowing all apps to stay updated on the watch. This allows you to send a recipe to the watch, or order delivery service through your watch simply by pulling up the app and scrolling through on your watch.

Android Auto

Android Auto works by connecting the phone to the car’s display effectively allowing users to have the customization of their phone in their car. This is all voice activated and can play music, search locations, send messages, and open navigation and GPS.

Android TV

Google’s new platform for TV’s allows users to voice search through android and Google’s system for movies, casts, award winning movies, and YouTube videos. You can also access android games as well as music streaming.