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Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Glass May be at a Hospital Near You

Google Glass, Unite States, Clinics, GlassUnited States hospitals and clinical institutions are looking to make upgrades in their equipment. The upgrades will be apparent on the technical side. There will be new software and with the success of Google Glass (NASDAQ: GOOG) many hospitals in America are looking for these upgrades.

Google Glass has been available for hospitals for months, but many institutions have yet come acknowledge the benefits of the Google glass. Many physicians are using the product for visual focus purposes. The board of directors of many institutions are starting open their minds to the idea of having Google glass as a part of new equipment for hospitals. Drchono, a Californian based electronic medical company, noticed the recent demand for the glasses, they decided to help give reason to the high demand and since developed an application for wearable health records.

To those who still feel skeptical about Google Glass or the app, Drchrono is providing examples of how doctors can use the app. In a statement given, Drchrono believes that a doctor can use the app with Google glass to record consultations and have photos and notes stored.

One of the doctors Dr. Bill J. Metaxes, who use Google glass in operating rooms said that nearly 100% of his patients agree to use the product to help record several notes. He also believes that most of the doctors using Google glass are a little more modern than traditional doctors. He also claimed that the glass is used for making things easier, he also understands those who choose not to use the Google product because it doesn’t make life or death situations easier to handle.