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Google’s Sundar Pichai Announces Data Center Expansion in North America

Alphabet Inc., Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said in a blog post on Wednesday that the Company is expanding to several key locations across the U.S. The search engine giant is building new data centers in Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Nebraska along with doubling its workforce in Virginia, and opening a new office in its New York Campus at Hudson Square, which was announced late last year. The new campus will represent a USD 1 Billion investment for Google and the Company has said this will double its workforce from 7,000. This will also be the first time Google will have infrastructure locations in the states, spending USD 13 billion this year.

This is the Company’s effort to keep pace with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Google has doubled its capital spending to USD 25.46 Billion in 2018, building out data centers to increase its cloud-computing division which is a business that “requires providing fast and reliable computing access and resources to large corporations and government agencies.” Pichai has stated that the plans will likely create tens of thousands of new construction jobs across Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia, but Google has not released the exact numbers yet. The new office tower in Austin, Texas is reported to add approximately 5,000 new workers.

Google is also planning to add new office buildings in Texas and Massachusetts, expand their space in Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, Georgia, and redevelop their existing locations in California near Los Angeles and in the Bay Area, including Westside Pavillion and Spruce Goose Hangar, further increasing Google’s already massive footprint.