GOP and healthcare

Amidst all the presidential election drama, the quiet Republican domination of state governments went unnoticed. Republicans now fully control the state Senate, office of the governor and state House in a massive 25 states. In contrast, only five states are in Democratic hands. Republican hold is creeping up in an additional three states where Democratic governors will be replaced by GOP ones. The Trump administration will witness 33 Republican governors and 14 Democratic governors. North Carolina is uncertain and Alaska’s governor contested on an independent ticket.

Replacing Obamacare

President Elect Donald J. Trump has done stunning reversals in his policy after he won the election. One of the pledges he made during his campaign was to repeal and then replace the ACA. However, postelection, he has expressed assent to keep a few components of the health reform law. His next action in this regard continues to be unpredictable. Healthcare overhauls may happen in states like New Hampshire, Vermont and Missouri. All three states will have their respective Republican Governors from January.

Democrat Jay Nixon administered Missouri with a distinct centric touch for about eight years. He was forced to do it as the state had a Republican House and Senate. Nixon was in favor of Medicaid expansion- one of ACAs or Obamacare’s features. He had previously urged the state legislature to pass it. However, he soon dropped the issue as he found he lacked support among the concerned lawmakers.


Chris Sununu is the youngest governor in the United States. He is only 42 years old. Even though he is a Republican, his name does not raise concerns among health policy experts. According to Brendan Williams of New Hampshire Health Care Association, federal worries are remote at this time. One thing is however true. If Trump changes the ACA, then Williams expects that the presidency will change Medicaid’s work requirements. The Obama administration has repeatedly rejected such pleas from the Republicans.

When it comes to Vermont, people in the state say that Republicans and Democrats are meaningless to them. The state which elected Phil Scott, a Republican is also the home of Bernie Sanders, the independent candidate who ran for the presidential nominee election on a clearly socialist flavor platform. The state ranks second lowest when it came to the number of uninsured residents. The number is only 3.8 percent. Vermont health officials have shifted their attention to expenses related to healthcare.

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