GOP Loss in Virginia does not Indicate Weakness

Much against the wishful thinking of the liberals, the Republicans suffered defeat in Virginia in this week’s elections. The people in Virginia were due to vote for the election of a new state governor on Tuesday. These were one among the many local and state elections that could indicate the electorate’ views on the Republican Party and President Trump.

Trumpism: Popular or not?

Cyclical rejections aren’t an extraordinary phenomenon in politics. Even if Ed Gillespie, the Virginia GOP candidate, had copied the populism strategy of Trump perfectly, he might have suffered a loss anyway. The belief that ‘Trumpism’ enjoys general or state-specific popularity is only theoretical. No other political leader has so far experienced defeat in the face of Trumpism in any open election, besides of course Hillary Clinton.

There are basically two groups of people who insist that there was a significant change in the GOP in the last one year. First, the liberals; they tend to portray the Republicans as Trump populists and white supremacists. The second category of people comprises those who are looking to the nation that conservatism died after the Second World War. Both groups seem to hold false beliefs.

Republicans’ loss in Virginia was inevitable

Another theory says that Virginia would have been a no-win state for Republicans even if Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney was the President. In fact, the situation would have been the same even if the tax reform was passed by the Congress and Obamacare was overturned. Virginia is one of the blue states of America. Both Obama and Clinton had enjoyed easy wins in Virginia. A chunk of the total seats that were lost by the Republicans either leaned towards the Democrats or was extremely competitive in the first place. Also, Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate executed a moderate, milquetoast campaign, even offering to cooperate with Trump.

It is possible for the GOP to be crushed in the midterm elections in 2018. Could the Republicans loss in Virginia be a reaction against Trump? It’s a partial possibility. Trump has been historically unpopular. Also, his new role as President is the main topic of discussion in the state of Washington. However, Virginia isn’t unique in its response. It would be disingenuous to say that these traditional political losses indicate a major shift in the politics of the United States. It is crucial to explain the reason behind these results and why they are different from those seen in the previous years.

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