GoP Political Commentator George Will Leaves Republican Party

Donald Trump has managed to raise the ire of a lot of people in the US, including within his own party. The latest person to quit the GoP over Trump’s antics is veteran political commentator and GoP old timer, George Will.

Speaking about his exit, Will said he changed his registration to ‘unaffiliated’ 23 days back. He said that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Trump even after Trump made disparaging remarks against a federal judge of Mexican origin was the last straw.

Trump responds to Will with his usual caustic remarks

Trump was quick to respond. He called George Will an overrated ‘political pundit’, saying he had lost his way a long time back. He even claimed that Will had made many bad calls in his career. Will responded to Trump’s provocation on Fox News. He said that Trump had an advantage over him because he could say anything about anything in 140 characters and he couldn’t.

Will joined the Republican party more than 40 years back (in 1964). He said that he joined the party because he was a conservative and he leaves it now for the same reason (because he is a conservative). He announced this decision at a Federalist Society event on Friday.

He said, ‘the long and short of it is, just like Ronald Reagan said when the changed his registration from the Democratic party, “I have not left the Democratic party; the Democratic party left me”.

George Will goes ‘no holds barred’ on Trump

On the opposite end, he has not clarified whether he is going to vote for Hillary Clinton or a third party candidate like Gary Johnson, the Presidential nominee from the Libertarian party. He said that having Donald Trump in the White House with no opposition from the Republican party would be worse than having Hillary Clinton there with opposition from the Republican party.

Will, a Pulitzer prize winning writer had earlier called Trump an ‘amateur in politics’. He said that Trump had confused the enthusiasm of the crowd who came to see him at the local gymnasium with nationwide voters. He said that the crowds were not representative of the American electorate.

This is not the first time that Will has broken with the Republican party. In 2009, he had written a piece in the Washington Post, where he soundly criticized the Afghan war and called on the US to withdraw from Afghanistan, much to the chagrin of the mandarins in the Republican establishment.

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