GOP Senator Calls President’s ‘Shithole’ Remarks a “Gross Misrepresentation”

The Republican Senator from Georgia, David Perdue, recently said that President Trump had not used the term “shithole countries” while meeting with the country’s lawmakers and deciding on the immigration reform.

He insisted that the President hadn’t used the word and that it was a huge misinterpretation. According to media sources, a meeting was held in the Oval Office last week where Trump expressed his frustration with regards to people entering the US from “shithole nations”.

Trump misrepresented?

The President has rejected the accusation related to these vulgar remarks. On Friday, he tweeted that the language he used at the meeting was rough, but what was even rougher was the bizarre proposal made. He added that it was a huge disadvantage for DACA.

On Sunday, Perdue made an accusation against Dick Durbin, the senator of Illinois. The accusation was related to him spreading incorrect information about the things said by Trump at the official meeting. He added that the President had been misrepresented. According to Durbin, Trump had used racist, vile, and hate-filled language when conversing at the meeting.

While talking to The Post and Courier, Senator Tim Scott said that a fellow Republican Senator, Lindsay Graham (South Carolina), was present at the gathering and had told him that the stated comments were essentially accurate. The Republican senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, was reported saying that like Sen. Perdue, he did not recount any “shithole” comment being made by the President. He also sidelined Durbin for misrepresenting the President’s comments.

Senators back Trump against accusation

Cotton, while speaking on “Face the Nation”, said that he did not hear the comment, and he was sitting as close to Donald Trump as Dick Durbin. On Sunday, Perdue referred to a back-and-forth from 2013 wherein Durbin had accused a Republican Congress member of passing an impolite remark at the then-President, Obama. The White house completely denied the accusation.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, also backed the President and said that she hadn’t heard the “exact phrase” being used by Trump. She added that it was quite an emotional conversation and that the specific phrase wasn’t actually used.

The Democrats have been pretty insistent on getting protection for those under the DACA program in lieu of border security funds which may include Trump’s border wall money. Friday is the last date for passing an official administrative spending bill.

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