GOP Senators Insist on Trump Exercising Restraint in Controversial Russia Investigation

On Sunday, two senators in the Republican party commented that Trump should probably maintain his silence with regards to the investigation being conducted by special officer, Robert Mueller. The investigation, of course, is looking into the apparent conspiracy between Russian officials and Trump’s administration.

These comments were made by Maine’s Susan Collins and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham last week after there was talk about how Trump wanted to fire Mueller in June 2017 and was persuaded out of it by officials of the White House, including Don McGahn.

Graham said that Robert Mueller was the ideal person to look up to. Graham is the co-sponsor of the legislation trying to fight Mueller’s dismissal. He added that he was convinced that there would be an investigation into if Trump actually attempted to dismiss Mr. Mueller.

According to Graham, there was no immediate risk to Mueller’s job. He also highlighted the political expenses of his potential removal by the president. While talking on “This Week”, he said that it was obvious that each official in the president’s administration was aware that the firing of Mueller would imply an end of the Trump presidency.

Susan Collins appeared on the “State of the Union” show on CNN and said that it would be good if the Congress approved some extra protection for Mr. Mueller. She didn’t however suggest a timeline. She added that it would be in the best interest of the president to avoid bringing up the investigation discussion at all. He should probably limit it to private discussions with his lawyer.

Lawmakers from either party were all praise for Mueller’s impartiality and said that they were confident that the counsel would be successful in conducting a sound, broad-ranging investigation.

According to Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats, the Democrats were attempting to make room for a new legislation for Mueller’s protection in a forthcoming spending bill.

Schumer said that the most significant thing that the Congress could do in the current scenario was to ensure the smooth running of Mueller’s investigation. He added that absolutely no one, including the Republicans, administration officials or President Trump, should interfere with the counsel’s investigation. Hence, Democrats would try their best to add significant protections for him in the continuing budget negotiations.

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