Gorsuch Stresses On Independent Judiciary

In his preliminary remarks to Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Neil Gorsuch put stress on how vital and independent judiciary is for the United States. He said that the job of people’s representatives is to craft news laws. The duty of the executive is to faithfully enforce them. He added that the judges must be independent and neutral if they are to apply the law in disputes. The Senate Judiciary Committee is divided over Gorsuch’s nomination to Supreme Court.

Conservative and Republican

Gorsuch presently serves on the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. The 49 year old is a known as a conservative legal star. He is extremely respected and highly credentialed. Democrats claim that his conservative streak tends to favor corporations over the average citizen. If confirmed,  Gorsuch’s ascendancy to the post will restore the Supreme Court’s traditional conservative flavor, moving from 4-4 to 5-4, the heavier side belonging to the conservatives. The space became vacant when Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016.

The Republicans are keen to have Gorsuch on the Supreme Court judges’ panel. John N. Kennedy, the US Senator voted from Madisonville, and a Republican, said that he hopes that the panel will look beyond the White House occupant. Kennedy believes that fairness and justice should be the main plank for justices of the Supreme Court. Incidentally, he will have the chance to grill the Justice in the near future. This was confirmed by the Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. He is the chairperson of said committee. He said that each member will get 30 minutes.

Democrats’ riposte

Democrats, on their part, stressed on judicial independence. In his opening statement, Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, said that the President of the United States by his actions have battered judicial independence. He continued on to say that Gorsuch has a special responsibility to advocate and also defend the independence of judiciary against such varieties of attacks. This, must be done publicly, directly and in an explicit manner.

A few liberal Senate Democrats plan to oppose the nomination of Gorsuch. They want to block the nomination so that it does not filter to any final vote. The Democrats’ delay tactics will force Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader to do a few procedural techniques through which 60 vote filibuster threshold can be eliminated. The threshold is presently in its place for nominations to the Supreme Court.

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