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Greece Real Estate Opportunities Beckon American Buyers

Greece, Real Estate, Citizen, The sharp drop of real estate property prices in Greece has ignited a global buying spree. US citizens, specifically, have shown an overwhelming interest in all kinds of Greek real estate. According to the data generated from the Greek real estate activity, the steeper the expense, the more the demand.

In demand

Greece is ranked among the world’s top 10 nations when it comes to popularity among Americans searching for real estate deals abroad. The sunny European nation was a new entrant to the list and surprised many, including seasoned realtors. Other popular nations which attract American property buyers are Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Italy. David Lauster, an expert in real estate matters, the American market can be easily accessed by foreign buyers. This sponges up any excess capacity in the industry segment and bumps the prices northward. It makes sense for real estate agents and property owners who can then connect with such global clients.

A number of analysts hold the belief that the biggest demand for property in foreign shores come from commercial interests and use. Lauster, however, disagrees and says that the lion’s share of international buys in the US concerns residential property. OPP Connect says that Greek property prices have fallen 7.9 percent from 2014, thereby attracting increased international buyers.

Online help

A number of Greek real estate websites have come up in the virtual universe, facilitating the entry of foreign purchasers. Such websites market the country’s real estate all over the world and facilitate press events as a part of packaging the nation as a global real estate destination. Buyers from 120 countries have shown interest in it.

The more popular real estate websites that showcase Greek property, familiarize first time buyers by shooting a video which showcases searching for real estate property, viewing them and then buying them. They also solve the obstacles frequently faced during the purchasing process.

According to Mary O’ Connor, O’Connor Properties, the websites will help in improving client-buyer communication, and also prove that buying a property can be efficient, easy and free of stress. Clients can specify their budget and the corresponding properties can be showed to them. The virtual network also helps them in making the final decision. The online companies have taken due notice of the Greek economic crisis and are aware of any negative events which can derail many plans.