Guidance through Business Entrepreneurship

The Business Entrepreneurship Assistance Team or BEAT, as they are popularly known, are composed of volunteers to ease the process of beginning a business within Jackson city. The team has no specific leader. This flat hierarchy has been the conscious decision of Mukesh Kumar as he felt that anybody and everybody in the team could be helpful. He wants to break down the reticent shell of every member. If this is not done, then the intended aim of making this team will not be fruitful in the first place.

Easier business

According to Kumar, the work of setting up a business can be tiresome work. The entrepreneur is required to get a lot of documents. These range from approvals from the fire marshal to zoning permits. He said that minority community members have a greater chance of being entrepreneurs. It is seen that when factors like environment, income, education, and networks are held constant, the members of the minority communities are more apt to start their own ventures. Kumar and his BEAT members have no problem with this; he said that the City of Jackson will go where businesses want.

According to Kumar, Jackson has substantial untapped potential. It is important to reduce the barriers as much as possible. If this is done, then the city can benefit from entrepreneurship and its advantages. The nature of work in BEAT is such that it encourages the start of new businesses. A first-time entrepreneur, when he or she enters the planning office for a privilege license, gets a form. The latter is designed to find out the applicant's background and financial plan. While the would-be entrepreneur fills up the form, the executive assistant locates a BEAT member. The latter will interact with the brand new owner of the business and be his or her primary contact person. This will help the entrepreneur to save not only time but also unnecessary expenses.

No further frustration

BEAT members understand the frustrations a new entrepreneur has to go through during the initial stages; that's the reason why they started BEAT. Earlier, the would-be entrepreneurs would have had to call the principal switchboard and then they would be connected to the person who may not know the actual situation and thus would be unable to connect the businessperson to the correct people. When finally the two connects, the entrepreneur, by then, may have already made substantial investments in areas where it would be hard to make a resale. They would then be stuck with it. All these are now matters of the past.

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