Gun Control Measures Rejected Again by the Senate

In the latest attempt to bring about some measure of gun control in the country, both parties failed as they could not come to a consensus on the issue.

Of the ongoing debate of gun violence in the country, both parties made a series of recommendations to the senate on the matter of gun control, all of which were rejected or did not get passed in the senate.

Senators from both sides of the table could not rally enough support to pass any form of gun control reform. It goes on the long list of attempts made by the government on various platforms to bring about some way to curb this problem. The country sees more mass shootings than any other country in the developed world.

The biggest reasons were not even pro gun senators, but more of it being a tough election year so both parties want to play it safe. The other reason cited was that none of the measures were found to be effective enough, so none of it was passed. They are the only reasons and that become too much of an issue to break through.

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