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Hanna Institute Receives $650,000 Tipping Point Grant to Collaborate with Sonoma Valley Partners in 2017 Wildfire Recovery Efforts

SONOMA, Calif., June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Hanna Institute at Hanna Boys Center received a $650,000 grant from the Tipping Point Community to support a strategic collaborative of Sonoma Valley organizations responding to the widespread trauma that is impacting tens of thousands of North Bay Area residents following the wildfires in the fall of 2017. 

This grant will allow the Hanna Institute, in partnership with the International Trauma Center, to provide trauma-informed strategic planning, consultation and community-based support for the most at-risk survivors and their caregivers in the Sonoma Valley. This strategic collaborative will operate over the next two years, and is expected to benefit staff at Tipping Point’s grantee organizations and many Sonoma Valley nonprofits and agencies.

Hanna Boys Center CEO Brian Farragher noted the crucial need for this work in the wake of the region’s recent disaster, “While much of the North Bay is busy rebuilding homes and businesses lost to the fires, the full effects of the trauma from this event are only now starting to be felt. And remember, many parts of Sonoma County were already suffering from high levels of toxic stress and adversity, which the fires just exacerbated. We are so grateful for this generous grant from Tipping Point, which will allow the Hanna Institute to play a key role in restoring the mental health and functionality of tens of thousands of North Bay residents impacted by this tragedy.”

Dr. Robert Macy, CEO of the International Trauma Center, shared Farragher’s sentiment, “As enormous as the physical loss from the fires was, it’s nothing compared to the hidden but devastating psychological damage done to those living in the area. My hat is off to Tipping Point, which truly understands all this and is willing to make significant investments in the long-term mental health and stability of the community.”

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Since 1945, Hanna Boys Center has changed the lives of thousands of at-risk, motivated youth through faith, education and caring, helping them grow into productive members of society. Hanna exists to help at-risk teens overcome the effects of childhood adversity—to become responsible, productive adults and realize their highest potential. We do this by providing a nurturing and therapeutic residential environment, a tailored educational model, and trained, caring adults who help kids create positive, permanent change in their lives. www.hannacenter.org

About Hanna Institute

Hanna Institute’s mission is to promote trauma-informed practice and build resilience in Sonoma County and beyond. To this end, the Institute creates community forums like this free community training event and offers professional breakfast series, in-depth training as well as on-site support services. www.hannainstitute.org

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