Hawaii: first state to challenge Trump travel ban

President Donald J. Trump’s travel ban has met its first legal hurdle from a US state. Hawaii state attorneys has requested the Honolulu federal court to issue a particular emergency order which will stop the new executive proclamation from the president. The latter restricts travel to the United States from six countries and temporarily halts US refugee programs. All the countries have a Muslim majority population. The order negatively affects citizens of Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran and Somalia.

Bad effect on state economy

The state of Hawaii said that President Trump’s order will go against the Muslim population of the state. It is also inimical to foreign students. Tourism will also be negatively affected. Doug Chin, the Attorney General of Hawaii reminded that the state always has the characteristic of being non-discriminatory- both in its constitution and history. He continued on to cite the facts: 20 percent of Hawaiians were born elsewhere. Among the labor force, 20 percent come from outside. About 100,000 people in the state hold foreign citizenship.

In its complaint, the state of Hawaii said that it is taking this legal recourse to protect its schools, businesses and residents from the “illegal actions” of the current US President and also the federal government.

For Hawaii, this is not the first time the state has moved against the policies formulated by President Trump. It has previously made a case against the first travel ban, then see it put on ice while other cases were played all over the United States.

State and plaintiffs

Derrick Watson, the US District Judge, granted the request made by the state to continue with this case. It is expected that the state will argue that a temporary restraining order must be set by the judge. This will stop the effectiveness of the ban. The status quo will thus continue until the resolution of the lawsuit.

President Trump’s new executive ban already has a number of victims. A plaintiff in the challenge set by the state, Imam Ismail Elshikh of Muslim Association of Hawaii, said that the ban will stop his mother-in-law, a Syrian citizen from visiting. His complaint says that the executive order gives a heavy injury to Muslims living in Hawaii.

A Seattle federal judge has already issued a restraining order of temporary nature stopping the initial ban after two states- Minnesota and Washington State took legal action against the Trump administration.

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