Healthcare Expectations

After the debacle of Congress failing to give its approval to an alternative of Affordable Care Act (ACA), some things continue to stand out. The first and foremost is that the American healthcare system is one of the most expensive globally, and patients do not receive what they pay for.

No value

Healthcare comprises 17.8 percent of the GDP of the United States in 2015. A number of experts agree that a quarter of the spending on healthcare is wasted. It means that no value is added for the benefit of patients. One of the primary reasons of such a poor report card is that the payment systems are not crafted to reward or incentive what we actually want from better quality healthcare. There is a demand for premium quality care from all compassionate providers having technical expertise. Patients want to care which honors preferences and values of every individual. It also must be convenient, cost efficient and affordable. Care must be based on best available evidence. Providers of any patient must be knowledgeable about what others continue to do.

The Triple Aim is one of the benefits of the ACA. The Medicare Shared Savings Program, provides Medicare providers groups the chance to earn new payment types in case premium quality care is provided. This will be corroborated by patients reporting with a positive demeanor of their experiences. The total expense should also be less than anticipated.

New initiatives

A few healthcare companies have already started to do so. They have received top marks for a better patient experience and quality of care. The Feds have noticed such improvements and have provided larger sums of money as payments made. Much of the hospital savings come from keeping individuals suffering from chronic illness in their own homes and not in nursing homes or hospitals. This was made possible by providing new services like offering urgent visits for primary care on the weekends. Visits are also scheduled for patients suffering from chronic illnesses like heart failure, diabetes, coordinating care with specialists. Special services and attention are provided for the sickest patients. If this was done as per the old fee for service model, there would be no funding source to cover extra cost of valuable services given to patients. Concerns remain about the security of the affordable coverage. The future of ACA has pushed discussions concerning care and changing what is being paid for into background.

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