Healthcare receives maximum Audience at Virginia Town Hall

Reforms in healthcare dominated the minds of a majority of constituents as Representative Don Beyer from the Democratic Party took center stage at an Alexandria town hall meeting. Representative Beyer set the tone in his opening remarks when he said that something will always remain wrong, like issuing executive orders banning Muslims and passing Trumpcare bills that take healthcare away from about 24 million Americans. The audience lapped it up.

ACA repeal

Many among the public asked questions about preexisting conditions. One woman asked what would happen to the security that was given by the Obama led Affordable Care Act (ACA). She was wheelchair bound and her husband suffers from cancer. In response, Beyer said that the worst part of Trumpcare's is the provision giving states the power to slip out of 10 vital health benefits. Most important of all, they could cancel preexisting condition coverage. The latter was vital to ACA. He added that the GOP lawmakers who consented to such a condition stated that no state would possibly go down that route and opt out of providing such essential benefits. The question then, the Democrat queried, if the Republicans hold such an opinion, then why put such a clause in the bill in the first place?

Block grants

Another member of the audience, Allison Stover from Mount Vernon, Va, told Beyer that she worried about the proposals brought by Republicans to transform Medicaid into a block grant program. She elaborated on her troubles, explaining that her mom suffered from Alzheimer's before she died and the process was a long one and expensive for the family. She asked what would happen to Alzheimer's patients and people in nursing homes without money when the block grants get exhausted. She voiced that is is unethical to throw people out on the street when their Medicaid money gets exhausted in September.

Beyer agreed to the enormity of the problem. He noted that the $800 billion slash from the Medicaid budget, as proposed by this bill, will have the maximum detrimental effect on older individuals suffering from memory issues. It will also be lethal for children suffering from disabilities. He blamed Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, for such an inhuman fiasco, saying that it was his idea of dealing with entitlements.

The ACA repeal was not the only issue in the town hall meeting. One constituent voiced concern about the HR 1181 bill, which makes it easier for veterans suffering from mental illnesses to buy firearms. She urged Beyer to coordinate with his colleagues in the Senate so that the bill does not get passed.

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