Healthcare Startups: Are They Worth Investing In?

The market is growing at a steady rate, creating more investment opportunities and chances to expand your portfolio to new markets and industries. If you’re in the process of exploring new industries, healthcare is definitely one of the best options to consider. The healthcare industry has been showing great signs of sustainable growth, with the top 12 startups – according to studies by Northeastern University and its AACSB online MBA department – now leading the market on new frontiers.

Among those 12 startups are companies doing genomic research, the latest healthcare app startups and of course new medical products. We also have more healthcare companies specializing in information management and healthcare platforms, especially with the recent push to implement electronic health records or EHRs. Top names such as RightCare Solutions are definitely worth investing in.

You can learn more about the best healthcare startups to look into from the full infographic below.

12 Startups and Entrepreneurs That Are Shaping The Future Of Healthcare is an infographic by Northeastern University.

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program

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