Healthcare: the burning issue

Success can be achieved in two ways. Making the correct choice is the best way. Another method is to step away from the wrong choice. The US Government avoided its own flaming downfall by quickly withdrawing American Health Care Act or AHCA. The Act, was in all means, can only be described as badly conceived and hastily constructed with minimal thinking put into it.

AHCA disaster

The AHCA is a disaster in all counts. It is estimated by Congressional Budget Office, that the Trump administration's pet project will push 24 million Americans to go without insurance and push millions of Americans into extremely high deductible care. Ironically, this will happen while the richest will enjoy tax cuts to the tune of billions of dollars. Voters-even those who voted for Trump- will hate such a development.

Every analyst specializing in health policies from both sides of the partisan divide believes that the AHCA is an example of poor craftsmanship. The consequences will be so bad that will shock even those who drafted the policy. Healthy people will be thrown out from the insurance markets.

Political experts describe this Republican fiasco by saying that Obama's Affordable Care Act is much more popular compared to the alternative created by the Republican Party. A few experts will lazily sit back and enjoy what is America's most popular spectator sport: blaming others for their own faults. There is another way too: learn a few lessons from this setback, make correct choices and then really fix the crumbling healthcare system.

Different acts, different times

It is no secret that the healthcare system in America has been failing for many years now. It is literally burning up the system. Washington has tried multiple times to douse the fire. It has set up a number of laws, starting with Emergency Medical Transport and Labor Act or EMTALA, Unfunded Mandates Reform Act or UMRA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA and the Sustained Growth Ratio or SGR. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare only poured fuel to the fire. The AHCA would have burned the building down.

Logic says that one must exit a burning platform. Contrary to popular perception the factors feeding the flames are not greedy insurance executives, all-for-profit insurance companies and indifferent doctors. It is Washington itself which is the culprit. Instead of paying for care, the government has force fed insurance packages, unresponsive payment schemes and standardized eligibility.

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