Hickey to Resign from Board of Education

Patrick Hickey has announced that he will resign from his present position in Washington Local Board of Education. He has been slapped with multiple criminal sexual conduct charges on March 20. All of his charges date from a relationship he had with his former student decades before. The 54-year-old was charged with a total of three counts of sexual conduct of a criminal nature in third-degree. Calls made to prosecutors were not returned. All records are kept in the Lenawee County District Court.

Laws and statement

As per Michigan law, charges related to criminal sexual conduct accusations and child sexual abuse do not have any statute of limitations if the accused remains unidentified. If the suspect gets identified, this limitation would increase to 10 years.

Hickey, in his written statement, said that all charges brought against him were false. He claimed to have voluntarily spoken with the investigators. He subsequently underwent a polygraph test. A Psychophysiologist was in attendance. The latter had 30 years of experience in the field. The specialist concluded that Hickey told the truth and he did not ever have any sexual relationship with his student. The attorney representing Hickey, Lorin Zaner, said on March 19 that the former will face a total three charges relating to criminal sexual conduct in third-degree. The attorney, during the accompanying news conference, said that he has yet to see evidence in this particular case.

Defense moves

Zaner said that he expects Hickey to surrender to law enforcement in the near future, but unable to say when. These charges come after an investigation was conducted over a course of many months into a criminal sexual conduct case which was reopened after a long time. The case was examined by Michigan State Police in 2016. According to a filed police report, an investigator was informed by a woman that she engaged in sexual activity with Hickey when she was a minor. The woman was supposedly 14 years old at that time. Hickey was her teacher and coach at Michigan's Addison Community School during that time.

Hickey's attorney complained that the time length between the so-called act and the bringing up of charges can result in witnesses to be hard to locate or they may suffer from memory lapses. He said that the defense will thoroughly investigate any questions relating to the statute of limitations. However, he also said that the last seems not to be applicable in this particular case.

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