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Hillary Clinton Adds Fuel to the 2016 Presidential Elections Fire

Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the Center for American Progress’s 10th birthday celebrations has fueled speculations whether she will run for the post of the President again in 2016.

Her appearance on stage was brief (she only spoke for ten minutes) but she used it well. She even took a potshot at the Republicans for their recent shutdown of the government. Political pundits have taken this as a sign of her comeback to the national stage.

She has the credentials

Hillary Clinton is certainly not without experience. She is a former first lady, has served as a Senator from New York and she was a strong contender for the Democratic nomination during the presidential elections in 2008. It is said that if it was anyone else other than Barack Obama, she would have clinched the nomination. She has also performed admirably well as President Obama’s Secretary of State in his first term.

In her speech at the Center for American Progress, she said that the public debate and the resulting governmental shutdown had happened in an ‘evidence free zone’. She said that politicians had chosen scorched earth over a common ground.

The shutdown had also affected families – workers were furloughed, businesses had suffered, children had to quit the Head Start Programs and poor mothers were worried that they would receive no help in buying food for their babies.

Hints that she is ready for a greater role

Ms. Clinton’s appearance at the Center for American Progress is one among a string of recent public appearances that she has made, fueling rumors that she might return to a political role soon. Some donors and Democratic activists have already set the ball rolling. An action committee has already been formed and they have managed to raise $1.3 million to fund her elections. Billionaire George Soros is the latest among those who have joined hands to support her, if she ever decided to run for President again.

Hillary Clinton who is going to celebrate her 66th birthday soon, said that the U.S was moving from one crisis to another. She also said that the need of the hour was to develop a plan, bring people on board, try common sense solutions and drive relentlessly towards those solutions.

She was careful to not give any hints of what she planned to do during her speech. She only said that in the next 10 years, the U.S would face a number of challenges.