Hillary Clinton Failed to Hand Over Her Key Email to State Department

The State Department announced on Thursday that presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not hand over her key email which she appeared to express concern about her correspondence being reachable by the public.

The email included messages that were exchanged on Nov 13, 2010, between Hillary Clinton and one of her closest assistant, Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. Then, emails sent from Clinton’s BlackBerry mobile device routed through her private clintonemail.com server in the basement of her New York home were being blocked by the State Department’s spam filter. A suggested remedy was for Clinton to obtain a state.gov email account. 

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the email “was not part of the approximately 55,000 pages provided to the State Department by Former Secretary Clinton.” He said it was instead obtained by the department as part of a trove of emails turned over by Huma Abedin in 2015.

Clinton has never outlined in detail what criteria she and her lawyers used to determine which emails to release and which to delete, but her 2010 email with Abedin appears clearly work-related under the State Department’s own criteria for agency records under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. 

Brian Fallon, a Clinton campaign spokesman, said both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin turned over all work-related correspondence in their possession. “We understand Secretary Clinton had some emails with Huma that Huma did not have, and Huma had some emails with Secretary Clinton that Secretary Clinton did not have.”

He denied Hillary Clinton to circumvent any record-keeping requirements.

“This email shows that, contrary to the allegations of some, Secretary Clinton was not seeking to avoid any use of government email. As indicated in this email, she was open to using a state.gov account but she simply wanted her personal emails to remain private, as anyone would want,” Brian Fallon said.

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