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Hillary Clinton’s Plan Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction

As drug and alcohol addiction continue to rise in the United States, many presidents including President Barack Obama have shed light on the problem but have not looked into it enough to tackle the problem head on. An estimated 23 million Americans are currently suffering from drug and alcohol addiction issues.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has shared her plans for fighting against addiction that will include a $7.5 billion federal fund. While speaking with a New Hampshire newspaper, Clinton laid out five goals to help the country and one of them is “empowering communities to prevent drug use among teenagers.”

Clinton said that the federal government will create the fund and also help each individual state with fighting the “quiet epidemic.” Many are not too sure how she would pay for the programs and fund, which could potentially raise eyebrows from the conservative side.

Currently, Clinton is very adamant about two things; one is the fight against drug addiction while the other is ending mass incarceration. Only time will tell if Hillary gets to put these plans into use as the president of the United States.