HK MBA helps to outlast, outwit competition

There are a number of convincing reasons as to why a number of global employers prefer MBA qualified graduates from Hong Kong's HKUST Business School. The school has a number of pluses which makes its alumni stand out from the run of the mill pass-outs from business management schools in North America and Europe.

Less time, same qualification

HKUST offers an affordable and unique experience compared to the orthodox two year Masters of Business Administration programs being taught in the United States. The Hong Kong business school offers a qualification of same value within a span of either 12 months or 16 months. There are numerous internship opportunities. An exchange component is present as well. Another noticeable advantage of learning at HKUST is lower fees. This does not mean, however, that the student will suffer from an incomplete knowledge of the world. Hong Kong is a world center of commerce.

Hong Kong has another notable geographical advantage. It is in Asia. The continent is at present witnessing an explosive trade growth with companies like Alibabas and Tencents conquering the globe with their innovative and economically priced services and products. Teaching quality at HKUST is exceptional. Since it is relatively a new educational institution, class sizes are intentionally kept small for a more personalized student-teacher approach. Emotional intelligence is bolstered by joining the many cultural clubs present. There are the China club and the Japan club among others. A student from one country will learn about his or her co-student from another country, thus making both richer.

Diverse knowledge gathering

Any student studying business administration at HKUST has another convincing advantage. The college stresses on global case competitions. The institution emphasizes public speaking. It gets people to leave their comfort zone. Students are set to top notch companies for case competition. To give an example, a batch in 2016 went to Google. For any problem, the professors are there to help.

At HKUST, it is possible for a student to reside off the campus. A student can see and experience the real Asia without the cushioning of the college campus. Anyone can join one of the many football clubs or any other sports clubs depending on the inclination. These present excellent opportunities to meet and interact with expats. Studying at the institute helps the student to get interview calls from a number of Fortune 500 companies. Employers are impressed by HKUST graduates as they can step out of their comfort zone and perform tasks.

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