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Honeymoon Over for New York Mayor

Bill de Blasio, Mayor, New YorkBill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York, may have won the mandate by an overwhelming majority in November, 2013, but he is now realizing that keeping his popularity is harder than previously thought.

On July 17, the Mayor was termed “an ass” by a city tabloid on its front cover. Another tabloid accused him of Marie Antoinette-like behavior. Bill de Blasio also suffered the dubious distinction of being labeled a socialist on television.

Very brief honeymoon

Jerry Skurnik, a political consultant and a veteran of New York politics, opined that de Blasio enjoyed a far reduced honeymoon period compared to his predecessors. Incidentally, the present Mayor won 73 percent of total votes struck in the Mayoral election. He was criticized recently for making plans to enjoy an Italian vacation despite a strong possibility of a strike in the Long Island Rail Road. The New York Post made a statement with a heading referring to Venice’s gondolas and allowing the general New York city population to ride them.

Problems related to de Blasio started when he refused the media to have access to the Mayoral swearing-in ceremony on January 1, 2014. This earned him the displeasure of the New York press corps.

Reasons for estrangement

The New York City Post blasted the Democrat mayor in January over the argument whether the city’s snowplows pointedly ignored the rich living in the city’s post Upper East side addresses. He again came under fire when he decided to keep the schools open even when there was a heavy snowstorm. The mayor was also lambasted for his debatable call to the city police concerning the arrest of his friend. The New York Times had announced the end of his political honeymoon around mid-February.

The Times declared that although all New York mayors will eventually find their honeymoon period being over, Bill de Blasio has soon found out that a chilly weather and a slight waft of corruption can break the plans of any administration much swifter than it is deemed possible.

Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report”, a popular television show with a satirical flavor accused the mayor of taking New York back to the doldrums of the 1980s. The Democrat was being interviewed by Colbert at that time. The Daily News also published an edition with the headlines accusing him of being a fool.