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House Republicans get ready for backlash

Left activists are going all out to save the 2010 Affordable Care Act or ACA as House Republicans return to their respective districts after approving a controversial Republican plan to reshape the United States' healthcare system. The left activists are mobilizing people at town halls to save the ACA which extended coverage to large number of Americans.

The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan outfit, will analyze the expense and how many individuals will lose coverage if the new healthcare plan becomes operational. Initial analysis showed that 24 million individuals will learn that their health coverage was snatched away.

Angry Americans

Ordinary Americans are challenging their Republican representatives. They are accusing them of mandating people to die even when they are reliant on Medicaid. Reactions of the Republican representatives can be described as facile at best. Raul Labrador, a Republican from Lewiston, Idaho, said that nobody in the United States dies if they do not have healthcare access. During the resultant uproar, the Idaho Republican alleged that his words are taken out of its context.

Since the House is right now in recess until May 16, activists are planning angry receptions for the gew GOP lawmakers who are already scheduled to hold their own town halls in their respective districts. The activists are particularly targeting the Congressional Republicans who has supported the decidedly unpopular healthcare plan. Among the 217 GOP lawmakers who voted for Republican plan, only 14 of them will hold their town halls during recess.

Demand to know

Left activism drew increasing active exchanges in New York. Tom Reed, a Republican Congressman, defended the decision to support Republican healthcare plan while the angry crowd at the three town halls booed and jeered him on May 6. A man told the Republican that he has donated a kidney recently-which is classified as a pre-existing condition in the new plan. It means he could lose healthcare.

Some townhalls will draw maximum fireworks. The one which is a sure bet to be attacked by activists is the one to be held by Tom MacArthur, a Representative Congressman and a known moderate Republican. His principal claim to fame is that he helped shape a compromise amendment which ensured conservative support. This GOP member from New Jersey represents a district which gave its votes to Obama twice. It narrowly gave support to Trump in 2016. MacArthur, when asked by reporters, whether he expects angry constituents at his town hall, answered that he will relish such an opportunity. He will correct what is viewed as misconceptions regarding the new healthcare plan.