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How to Choose From the Top Rated Pet Insurance Plans: Discover What Customers are Saying

You might be considering pet insurance for your animal because you have heard about it from friends with pets or maybe you have had an experience where your animal was in an accident or had an illness and it cost you a lot of money. You obviously weren’t expecting anything to happen to your pet right? It was perfectly healthy and then all of a sudden you are rushing your animal to the vet because it was in an accident. And in order to get the best care for your pet, you have to pay top dollar, and you just weren’t ready to drop a lot of money on your pet out of the blue. Although this scenario may be in the past and your pet is now healthy again, you may fear that at any moment something could happen to your pet and you are uncertain you would have the money to pay for it again.

You aren’t alone in your thinking. There are many people who are in the same boat when it comes to paying for expensive surgeries or treatment out of pocket. In fact, that is why pet insurance exists in the first place. It’s to give your pet the best care when disaster strikes and the vet bills are through the roof. With pet insurance, you are reimbursed for covered vet bills a percentage of the cost to help make them a little more bearable than without pet insurance. If you are considering pet insurance, it’s important to know how to choose from some of the top rated insurance plans. Looking into some of pets best insurance reviews will help discover what customers are saying and also help you decide what works best for you and your pet.

What’s My Reimbursement Rate for Pet Insurance?

When reading some of pets best insurance reviews, one the biggest things customers are looking for is the reimbursement rate. There are some insurance plans that offer a reimbursement rate of 50% or even 70%. However, there are some insurance plans that offer a 90% reimbursement rate! Finding plans with the highest reimbursement rate will make sure you make the most of your insurance and also get the most back from paying your vet bills. The reimbursement rate is a big factor in how much money you save so make sure you know the reimbursement rate before choosing a plan.

Is There an Upper Age Limit for Pet Insurance?

Another thing customers are concerned about in pets best insurance reviews is if pet insurance plans have an upper age limit for animals. Although you might think that an upper age limit is silly because many people get pet insurance for their senior pet, there are insurance plans that do have an upper age limit such as 10 years or 12 years old. If you have a senior pet, you absolutely want to make sure that you find an insurance plan that does not have an upper age limit. Also, if you have a younger pet, you might also want to find an insurance plan that does not have an upper age limit so you don’t have to switch plans when your pet reaches a certain age. Finding a pet insurance plan with no upper age limit allows your pet to get the best care through all the years of its life, especially in older age when vet visits may be more frequent. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Behavioral Issues?

You might think that all insurance plans cover common behavioral issues that can be treated. The truth is, not all pet insurance plans cover behavioral issues such as separation anxiety and aggression. When looking at pets best insurance reviews, people find pet insurance plans that cover behavioral issues very important since almost half of pet owners report their animals having behavioral issues. This factor plays a key role in choosing between top rated pet insurance plans.

Does Pet Insurance Have Flexible Deductibles?

It’s possible in your pet insurance research that some pet insurance places don’t announce the deductible right away. This might be because they offer only a fixed annual deductible no matter what plan of theirs you choose. In pets best insurance reviews, customers talk about the convenience of flexible annual deductibles that allow you to choose which deductible is best for you. Maybe you would rather pay a higher deductible upfront and lower monthly payments. Or maybe you would rather pay a lower deductible and then pay higher monthly payments throughout the year. Because everyone is different, it’s important for your pet insurance plan to offer different options as well.

Choose the Best For You

With all of the different plans out there, it’s important to know how to choose the best plan for you. Knowing the reimbursement rate, age limits, what it covers, and the deductible will help you decide between some of the top rated pet insurance plans, and help you make the most of your pet insurance and the care that your pet will get. 

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