Huawei announces plans to take on Apple, Samsung


Come October and the smart phone industry may witness the emergence of a new leader if Huawei's plans come to fruition. The brand has announced plans to unveil its much hyped Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro in Munich during this month and it is confident of shaking both Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Samsung out of their complacence.

AI features galore on Mate series

One of the most significant aspects about the Mate 10 series by Huawei is that they will come packed with some impressive artificial intelligence or AI features. These will include instant image recognition and it is thought that these are the additions that will make the brand new Huawei offerings a worthy contender for the Apple and Samsung products that are already in the market.

Mate 10 will get powerful new chip

Added to the impressive AI features, the Mate 10 is also a phone that is garnering a lot of attention because it will be powered by a brand new chip. The Chief Executive of consumer business at the brand, Richard Yu has now confirmed that the Mate 10 and its successors will now carry the powerful new chip that is expected to make them faster while keeping power consumption admirably low. Apart from this, these phones to be launched in October will feature full screen displays that are over 6 inches. No other specifications have been officially released by the brand as yet.

Focus on personalization

Richard Yu has hinted that the company is focusing on making personalization better in its phone series and will demonstrate this with the Mate 10 series to be launched in Munich. He has said that the new chips will come with AI integrated into them  and that this will make it far easier than it is now to personalize the phones according to user requirements. Thanks to the AI, these phones will have some predictive ability as well and they will be able to anticipate the actions of the user.

Speaking at a Berlin consumer electronics fair, Yu said that his company has an edge over world leaders Apple and Samsung because they will now be able to cater to the target audience's demand for better performance and longer battery life alongside compact design. It is believed that the new Huawei Kirin 970 chip will cut down battery usage on phone by half.

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