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Huawei Unveils New Chipset

On Monday Huawei Technologies Co. announced the industry’s highest-performance ARM-based server CPU, called Kunpeng 920. The technology giant now aims to become one of the top five cloud players in the world.

Despite political controversy from across the globe, Huawei is not hesitant to continue pushing their expansion. There new chipset Kunpeng 920, is designed to go into data centers and will power the company’s TaiShan server, which was also launched on Monday.

Independently designed by Huawei, the Kunpeng 920 is a 7-nanometer chip based on a chipset architecture created by ARM. By optimizing branch prediction algorithms, increasing the number of OP units, and improving the memory subsystem architecture, the next generation chip can significantly improve processor performance. At typical frequency, the Kunpeng 920 CPU scores over 930 in the SPECint Benchmarks test, which is 25% higher than the industry benchmark. At the same time, power efficiency is 30% better than that offered by industry counterparts. Kunpeng 920 provides much higher computing performance for data centers while slashing power consumption.

Huawei’s TaiShan series servers are built for big data, distributed storage, and ARM-native application scenarios.

TaiShan will enable computing platforms with high performance and low power consumption for enterprises. For example, in big data scenarios, the TaiShan servers are tuned for optimal many-core high concurrency and resource scheduling to deliver a 20% computing performance boost. Based on the TaiShan servers, Huawei Cloud also provides elastic cloud services, bare metal services, and cloud phone services.

The launch of the new chipset puts Huawei in direct competition with Advanced Micro Devices Inc and NVIDIA Corp.

Huawei is looking to continue to grow its technological empire through consumer electronics and cloud computing. Now the firm has hopes of becoming one of the top cloud players on the planet competing with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Alibaba. The Taishan servers aim to further boost their presence in the cloud computing market. “We hope to make our cloud service, together with our partners, one of the top five cloud services in the world,” said William Xu, Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei.

Huawei believes that an intelligent society with all things connected, sensing, and intelligent is underway, and this trend is picking up speeds. The development and convergence of ARM-based applications on smart terminals are accelerating, along with cloud-device collaboration. In addition, new applications in cloud computing are driving data diversity.

William Xu noted. “Today, with Kunpeng 920, we are entering an era of diversified computing embodied by multiple cores and heterogeneity. Huawei has invested patiently and intensively in computing innovation to continuously make breakthroughs. We will work with our customers and partners to build a fully connected, intelligent world.”

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