Hyperloop One Timeline and Colorado Project Developments

The Colorado Department of Transport (CDOT) has reported recently details regarding its effort to bring the Colorado hyperloop proposal to life. Virgin Hyperloop One is partnering on the ambitious project.

According to data provided by Futurism the entire Colorado hyperloop is estimated to cost $24 billion, but the plan is to start by building a smaller section of the route that would cost just $3 billion. That segment would connect the airport with Greeley, CO, which is located about 64 kilometers (40 miles) to the north.

“Moving people rapidly from one place to the next has implications of radically changing how we think about land use, and where people live, and where they work, and how they get between that,” CDOT spokeswoman Amy Ford told The Coloradoan. “We cannot build our way out of congestion, and that’s why we’re looking so widely at technology.”

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