Hyundai Introduces 'Hydrogen Vision 2040' Featuring Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hyundai Introduces ‘Hydrogen Vision 2040’ Featuring Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group (OTCMKTS: HYMTF) is set to create hydrogen fuel cell versions of its commercial vehicles by 2028 and are looking to build the “next generation fuel-cell system” in 2023. The automaker revealed Tuesday that its goal was to “achieve a fuel cell vehicle price point comparable to a battery electric vehicle by 2030.”

The automotive manufacturer’s new strategy, called Hydrogen Vision 2040, includes new concept vehicles such as trucks, trailer drones and 650 horsepower hybrid fuel-cell sports cars to be made in collaboration with its new partner Rimac.

Nevertheless, the most interesting item is the fuel cell Trailer Drone, which according to the company, is a cabless “hydrogen-powered container transportation system capable of operating fully autonomously.” The product is powered by the modular fuel cell “e-Bogie” and can travel up to 1,000 km on a tank of H2.

The company claims its next generation system will be available in 100 kilowatt and 200 kilowatt versions “with costs being lowered by more than 50%, total package volume reduced by 30% and power output doubled.”

According to the International Energy Agency, hydrogen is a “versatile energy carrier,” with a divergent range of applications and can be used for multiple subdivisions like industry and transport.

Nevertheless, there are several doubts about this technology. The U.S. government cited that “the current infrastructure for producing and getting hydrogen to consumers cannot yet support the widespread adoption of FCVs.”

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