Hyundai plans for long range premium Electric Cars

Hyundai Motors Co. announced on Thursday its plan to prioritize electric vehicle production, including plans for a long range second generation hydrogen fuel cell premium electric car, to compete against other companies like Tesla.

This isn’t Hyundai’s first attempt at an electric car. Last year, Hyundai launched IONIQ, but compared to other electric cars, it wasn’t able to keep up with the longer distance others can go.

The Korean car manufacturer is planning to launch an electric sedan in 2021 that will go 500 km or 310 miles per charge. It will also introduce a SUV model that will go approximately 390 miles by the first half of next year.

"We're strengthening our eco-friendly car strategy, centering on electric vehicles," Executive Vice President Lee Kwang-guk told a news conference.

Hyundai also confirmed a Reuters report that it is developing its first dedicated electric vehicle platform, which will allow the company to produce multiple models with longer driving ranges, according to Reuters.

Hyundai wants to effectively lower air pollution down and electric cars can definitely help that problem, but what many people fear is that they won’t be able to reach a charging station in time. Hyundai’s plan is to increase hydrogen fuel stations from 16 to 100 by 2020, and also aims to have 10,000 fuel cell cars on the road by 2020 to help combat air pollution.

Prices for the models aren’t confirmed yet, but Hyundai plans to release the SUV model in South Korea by next year, and internationally shortly after.

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