i-Lead Realty Group LLC Launches Real Estate Team

i-Lead™ Realty Group LLC is excited to announce the official launch of
our real estate team, with the goal of building a community that is
larger than family. “We have invested significant time and resources in
building our website, developing our marketing strategy and technology
platform, establishing our offices, training our team and engaging
sponsors. Our pipeline is growing rapidly, and it is thrilling to see
our business take off,” said senior executive Samuel “Brooks” Trisler.

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i-Lead is an affiliate of eXp Realty and stands for integrity, trust,
loyalty, persistence and the highest in quality. The lowercase i
represents service to others. “Our passion is leadership and service,”
said Co-President Katie Vinson. “It is also our mission to be the leader
in providing a best-in-class client service experience to real estate
sellers, buyers and investors. Our team adds value through skilled
negotiations, nurturing relationships, and building trust that is
inspirational. It is our goal to make every relationship personal and
inspire you, whether it’s on your walk of faith, with your family, in
your workplace or in your community – we call this lifestyle, ‘Living A
Life That Leads.’”

Mr. Trisler is a certified public accountant (CPA) and Realtor® and has
over 25 years of experience leading teams of small, mid and large-cap
global organizations across many industries, including real estate
development, engineering, manufacturing and professional services. He
has worked with senior executives across leading accounting firms and
large public companies such as Deloitte and Touche, Fluor Corporation
and The Howard Hughes Corporation. He is also part of the John Maxwell
coaching team. “I believe that being a CPA with industry-leading
experience and a Realtor adds that extra level of integrity,
professionalism and competence to our client service,” says Mr. Trisler.

Ms. Vinson, Co-President, studied journalism at Baylor University. She
is an advocate for medical research, has been an instructor for the
performing arts, and is compassionate about volunteering and serving
others. “She brings a great balance to the executive team and is a huge
asset in connecting and growing our relationships with our clients,
partners and sponsors,” said Mr. Trisler.

Visit our websites at ileadrealty.com
and dallasfortworthhomefinder.com,
and follow us on Facebook
at the i-Lead Realty Group.

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