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IBM and SAP to Collaborate on Cloud and Cognitive Technologies

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the German business software provider SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced their collaboration on Wednesday to modernize their clients’ systems and processes for digital economy. According to the announcement, they would work on their cloud collaboration and combine IBM’s cognitive capabilities and cloud and power systems with SAP’s software and cloud platform. The companies planned to co-locate resources in Walldorf, Germany, where SAP is based and Palo Alto, California. New solutions and thoughts would be exhibited to their clients in IBM, SAP innovation centers around the world.

“The future of business strategy and business value
will proceed from the foundational elements of this announcement — cognitive, cloud and the design of consumer-quality experiences in every industry,” said Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services. “We’re formalizing a complementary set of capabilities to simplify and speed outcomes for clients evolving to become cognitive enterprises.”

The collaboration would enhance customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality through SAP`s Business Suite SAP S/4HANA software. It also provided a good opportunity for SAP SE to develop strong and growing businesses in digital economy. Rob Enslin, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE and president of Global Customer Operations, said “SAP S/4HANA is the reimagined suite of core business applications that has once again set the standard for the industry. I’m delighted that IBM and SAP will collaborate closely to give customers a clear roadmap to innovating new business models and outcomes that were never before possible.”