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IBM (NYSE:IBM) Watson Supercomputer Evolves

The Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) GPU Technology Conference (GTC) has always full of interesting technological innovations. This year, it was IBM (NYSE:IBM) and their Artificial Intelligence computer, Watson. Rob High, IBM Watson’s chief technology officer, has presented to the audience a robot powered by Watson, and it was very impressive.

Watson is a super computer, which is mostly remembered as the computer that won $1m at Jeopardy in 2011. Since than IBM was working hard to make Watson a true power house of data. IBM made Watson practice, and the computer provides services that are used by doctors, lawyers, and other professionals where analyzing massive amounts of data is crucial.  

A robot infused with Watson shows also how similar to a human Watson reacts to words. The robot responds to queries not only with speech, but also with movement. When the robot’s dancing skills where challenged, it responded by saying, “Oh, yeah? Watch this!” after which started showing off Gangnam Style moves.

For Rob High, continuing developing Watson is key for the future of cognitive computing. He said, “”We think this is very promising as a potential area for advancing cognitive computing… You could argue there’s a natural connection between artificial intelligence and the embodiment of that through robotics.”

Here is the demonstration. Enjoy!