IBT Apps Chosen by Marseilles Bank for Their Innovative Core Technology

Integrated Bank Technology (IBT Apps), a leading core provider in the
fintech industry, announces that Marseilles Bank, Marseilles, IL chose
them as their core provider for their robust integration and quality of
their technology.

A conversion to the IBT Apps Core was completed with Marseilles Bank in
February 2018. Both commented on the ease of conversion. Stacy Solis,
IBT Apps, Bank Services Manager shared, “The bank was really proactive
and did a lot of cleanup with data prior to conversion which reduced
post conversion issues.” Jeannie Gabehart, President of Marseilles Bank,
commented, “IBT Apps hadn’t converted anyone off the Open Solutions
platform before, we were all on the same level. We didn’t know what to
expect and as issues came up we just dealt with them one at a time. I
think by keeping that attitude through the whole thing is why it went so
well for us.”

When asking Marseilles Bank their main objective when looking for a new
core provider Jeannie Gabehart stated, “We liked the product. Compared
to what we had, IBT Apps was light years ahead. We wanted to have the
ability to add products when we wanted, in a cost-effective way. IBT
Apps supported that. In our conversations with banks using the IBT Apps i2Core,
it was obvious that with the IBT Apps product there would be growth
through continual upgrades, at little to no incremental cost. With our
previous core, anytime we wanted to do something new, it was a major
upgrade using a variety of different companies, with a large fee. We
really liked that the IBT Apps product covered all the bases. Everything
worked together.” Also, “We are now able to remain competitive with
bigger banks. We’re still one of the smallest banks in our area, it’s
nice to be able to offer technology that puts us on a more even playing
field. We can now provide our customers the same products as the bigger

Marseilles Bank

Marseilles IL, Marseilles Bank, a community bank that takes pride in its
commitment to Marseilles and the surrounding area.

For information, www.marseillesbank.com/

IBT Apps

Cedar Park, Texas, Integrated Bank Technology (IBT Apps), a core
processing partner to community banks develops a powerful, integrated
suite of banking applications, exemplifying the next generation of
processing and data management solutions for financial institutions.

For information, ibtapps.com.

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