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Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) Advances Security Industry with Zero Trust Master Classes

The Identity
Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) today announced that it’s
presenting a six-part Master Class at Identiverse,
which takes place in Boston next week, on how identity defined security
solves the Zero Trust conundrum. On June 27, IDSA members will present
six use case demonstrations to achieve Zero Trust without sacrificing
user experience or productivity.

Breaches are becoming more commonplace and attacks more sophisticated.
To combat this, organizations must take a Zero Trust security posture.
This assumes any device or person accessing company resources cannot be
trusted, and should be required to verify their identity. The IDSA
provides a set of deployment patterns to provide this Zero Trust
solution, regardless of vendor, to guide companies in their quest to
secure their intellectual property and other valuable assets.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between skill sets and enterprise
identity and access management needs, IDSA has created a series of Zero
Trust Identity Master Classes. At Identiverse, IDSA member companies
such as CyberArk, Ping Identity, Gemalto, BeyondTrust, LogRhythm,
Netskope, VMware, Okta and SailPoint will present best in class
solutions to solve for such complex use cases as:

There is an ever-growing need for qualified security professionals to
build out multifaceted security solutions necessary to protect corporate
assets. In addition to these Master Class sessions at Identiverse, IDSA
makes available on its website a robust library of identity defined
security use cases and reference architectures. These assets not only
provide best practice information pertaining to an identity centric
approach to security, but also provide a solid foundation to understand
the complex landscape for any practitioner or professional.

In addition to the Master Classes, the IDSA is holding a lunch and learn
with Adobe’s enterprise security team, titled “The Case for Identity
Centric Security: Adobe’s Path to ZEN.” Join us on Wednesday June 27
from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. ET at the Plaza Level Cafeteria.

“The IDSA allows enterprises to quickly build a solution based on a set
of identity centric security use cases supporting Zero Trust knowing
that multiple vendors support that pattern with a generally available
product,” says Bryan Wiese, Optiv VP of Advisory Services and IDSA
Executive Advisory Board Member. “We’re actively building out new use
cases with the help of vendors and identity and security practitioners
and adding new vendor members to solve them.”

The IDSA provides a framework for identity professionals to solve
complex identity problems with commercially available patterns,
regardless of the vendor chosen. These Master Classes showcase the
available technologies that solve these problems.

About the Identity Defined Security Alliance

The IDSA is an industry community founded by Ping Identity, with Optiv
as founding solution provider. Our mission is to be an independent
source of education and information on identity centric security
strategies, by harnessing the collective expertise, enabling vendor
collaboration, encouraging ongoing discussion and developing bests
practices, resources and tools. Membership in the IDSA is open to
practitioners, technology vendors and solution providers who are
committed to the vision of an identity centric approach to security.

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