Ikea acquires Mobile Tech Company; TaskRabbit

Ikea announced on Thursday that it signed an agreement to acquire tech company TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a mobile market that allows consumers to purchase local services that will hire “Taskers” to help them move, clean the house, deliver products, and even set up furniture.

Majority of Ikea’s products require customers to assemble them. Ikea and TaskRabbit are teaming up so customers do not have to deal with long task of assembling the furniture. TaskRabbit’s services will be integrated into Ikea to provide customers with Taskers that can assemble the furniture for them.

“In a fast changing retail environment, we continuously strive to develop new and improved products and services to make our customers’ lives a little bit easier. Entering the on-demand, sharing economy enables us to support that. We will be able to learn from TaskRabbit’s digital expertise, while also providing IKEA customers additional ways to access flexible and affordable service solutions to meet the needs of today’s customer,” says Jesper Brodin, President and CEO of IKEA Group.

Ikea said the two companies had started a successful pilot in London to launch the service provided by TaskRabbit to Ikea customers. Ikea will expand the service into the U.S. and U.K., and eventually expand to more countries.

The transaction will officially signed on September 25, and is expected to close in October. Ikea will fully own TaskRabbit, which will remain a standalone company in Ikea GROUP. TaskRabbit will still be allowed to work partner with other retailers.

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