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Illegal Immigrants Face Another Obstacle

Patriots, Immigration Reform, immigrantsWith all the immigration reforms and conflicts surrounding the border crisis, a group of people have decided to take matters to their own hands. The group calls themselves the Patriots; these men are known to use intimidation on those who attempt to cross the border illegally. Since May, the Patriots have patrolled areas near the Rio Grande banks and the Brownsville region of Texas searching for those for are trying to enter illegally.

Will, a member of the group, says that groups like the Patriots are helping border control, and their techniques are effective. When asked about ways of looking for those illegal individuals trying to enter Will simply said “If you spot them and shine your light on them, that lets them know that you’re there, Nine times out of 10, they’re not going to come over”.

The Patriots aren’t the only group that has the focus on keeping the immigrants out; the Texas law enforcement have estimated that there are over 20 groups around the Texas and California borders.  These groups are self-funded, though the border control states that these groups aren’t dangerous. However, others seem to think differently.

Critics of those groups call them militias that are trying to lure those immigrants trying to enter and looking to potentially physically hurt them. They believe that these groups can impose fear, especially children attempting to cross. The idea that these groups can take advantage of the situation and immigrants based on the fact that reporting of any crimes is near impossible.

Immigration is no doubt set to play a center role in the upcoming presidency race and will be a focus of both parties.