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Immunis.AI Chosen by Amazon Web Services to Showcase its Cloud-Based Genomic Pipeline for Machine Learning

Immunis.AI, Inc., an immunogenomics platform company developing noninvasive blood-based tests to optimize patient care, today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will showcase the company’s cloud-based genomic pipeline for machine learning. In collaboration with Mission Cloud Services, the platform will be highlighted in a virtual event, Behind the Innovation, hosted by AWS, today.

Immunis.AI engaged Mission, a partner with deep life science expertise, to design an AWS architecture to leverage Amazon S3 alongside a backend data pipeline using Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS infrastructure. The challenge Immunis.AI faced was data ingestion and real-time analytics of its large immunotranscriptomic data sets and parallel processing of thousands of samples through its machine learning pipelines. Through the collaboration with Mission and AWS, the ingestion of data by Immunis.AI, which took two weeks to finish manually, can be completed within hours.

The virtual event, which will be held Tuesday, October 5th, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time (12 to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time). For more information, or to register for the virtual event, click here.

“Machine learning presents its own set of unique challenges and managing the large data sets is a major problem in the field of genomics. Working with Mission and AWS to design an architecture to streamline our data ingestion and analytics, has enabled us to drastically accelerate development of our immunogenomic tests to improve diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients,” said Geoffrey Erickson, a founder and Senior VP of Corporate Development at Immunis.AI, who will be presenting at the event. “We are pleased to have been chosen by AWS to highlight our architecture and our powerful partnership and the life changing outcomes it enables.”

While it is still evolving, Mission provided Immunis.AI with a tested and proven blueprint for a viable research oriented genomic platform, all backed by AWS and ready to scale quickly and economically,” said Jonathan LaCour, Chief Technology Officer & Sr. Vice President, Service Delivery. “We are pleased to support Immunis.AI’s important mission to develop tests that can improve the lives of cancer patients and proud of its Mission-built AWS infrastructure that is helping them.”

Immunis.AI continues to leverage its successful blueprint across several clinical studies, as it develops and plans to commercialize its products. Mission will also continue to help Immunis.AI with data modernization, including data lake and analytics initiatives on AWS.

About Immunis.AI, Inc.

IMMUNIS.AI is a privately held immunogenomics company with a patented liquid biopsy platform that offers unique insights into disease biology and individualized assessment. The Intelligentia platform combines the power of the immune system, RNAseq technology and Machine Learning (ML) for the development of disease-specific signatures. This proprietary method leverages the immune system’s surveillance apparatus to overcome the limitations of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and cell free DNA (cfDNA). The platform improves detection of early-stage disease, at the point of immune-escape, when there is the greatest opportunity for cure. For more information, please visit our website:


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