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Improving Credit Scores

Being in debt may actually be a good financial decision. Using credit to snap up income generating, value appreciating assets like mutual funds, property, bonds and stocks can secure any person’s financial future. Better credit scores permits an individual to qualify for a particular mortgage or personal loan and more convenient interest rates. The latter will save you a fortune in the long term.

When it comes to credit scores, most people are aware of the fundamentals. To give an example, there can be bad outcomes if a person fails to pay bills on time or a surest way to lower your score is to max the credit card. It is possible, however, to improve the credit score.

Ask for and review your personal credit report at least once every year

It is vital that you are aware of the credit profile you have. This will help you to make better decisions when you go to the bank to apply for that extremely important loan. The credit report can be obtained at a number of credit agencies. This is done free of charge. The problem is that people assume a more optimistic score that it is in reality. When you review it once or twice every year, it may be so that you may discover errors in the report. Such errors can adversely impact the credit score. Do be aware that these errors take time to be rectified- and it is preferable to identify them as soon as possible.

Make on-time monthly payments

This is vital to achieve a high score. Your payment history in the past makes up about 35 percent of the total credit score. In case you cannot make monthly payments, then your creditor will send a report to the credit agencies. This adverse report will diminish your credit score. The best way to tackle such a scenario is to make minimum payments to the lender- and not let the full amount lapse.

Enjoying multiple credit card accounts

You should have an ideal number of credit cards. These could vary from a minimum of three and a maximum of eight plastics. Your credit score shoots up when you have multiple credit cards. This is due to the fact that the more the number of credit cards, the greater will be your credit limit. The rate of credit utilization must make up about 30 percent of the credit score.

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