In a Country Where Normal Life is Ravaged by War, a Group of Do-Gooders Risk Their Lives for the Cause of Humanity

A group of Americans has been working hard at a makeshift clinic that was set up along an area called the Golan Heights that lies between Israel and Syria. These Americans have been tending to the victims of the civil war that has been raging in Syria for more than seven years now.

The group consists of evangelical Christians who wish to do good to these victims, many of whom are seriously injured. Their intentions are pure and serene as emphasized by Don Tipton, one of the evangelicals hailing from Beverly Hills. For Israelis, however, it looks like an attempt to win over the minds of the frazzled civilians of Syria.

Israel and Syria have been enemies for a long time and Syria may very well be a target for Israel, if at all, the country's civil war comes to an end and the current president, Bashar Assad retains his power and position.

The Operation Good Neighbor

The Israel government has issued a non-intervention policy that forbids Israelis from getting involved in matters that happen within Syria. Despite this policy, the Israelis have been secretly pursuing what is known as 'Operation Good Neighbor'. Under this operation, the Israelis have been providing food and aid to the Syrian civilians in an effort to cultivate goodwill and harmony.

The operation commenced in June 2016, and since then, a number of Israeli soldiers have been transferring medical supplies, food, equipment, and clothes across the Golan Heights. Several Israeli soldiers have also managed to sneak in ill and injured Syrians who are in need of good treatment across the border to Israeli hospitals.

The goal is to erase the ill thoughts that Syrians have been taught to harbor against the Israelis since their childhood. The group hopes that this will, in turn, urge Syrian civilians to disallow terrorist factions from setting up camp across the border between the two countries.

Don Tipton runs a pediatric clinic that is located near the Israel-Syria border in an area that once used to be an Israel military base. The Israelis have helped Tipton run his clinic by providing the supplies and logistics they need.

The clinic was first opened in August 2017 and since then Tipton has been seeing no less than Syrian patients every day.

There are two full-time Syrian doctors and three American doctors who operate on a rotating schedule.

Patient reports prepared by the hospital are submitted to the Israeli military officials who then review the report to assess the kind of treatment that is needed by the patients.

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